About Us

We are a Non-Profit Team and we work for citizens of Odisha

Mission - To support and promote the advancement of Skill Development Activity and educational activity as we believe in the tremendous potential of youth in driving India’s inclusive development.

Vision - To be a pre-eminent and innovative organization that empowers people through skill development and entrepreneurship towards achieving enhanced and sustainable incomes.

Within this epidemic of COVID-19, many workers have returned to Odisha and have lost their jobs. These workers do have skills but no proper channels or sources for income. Now what Odisha needs is to develop economic and social strategies that can help people to create sustainable income opportunities.

Swabalamba Odisha was created in 2020 with the intent of casting the development net far and wide to reach the vast majority of these migrant workers and provide them with needed skills and earning opportunities.

Meet Our Founders

The brains and strength behind the mission and vision of SWABALAMBA ODISHA.