Our Initiative

  • Producer Group Building

    Swabalamba Odisha builds its producers group by reaching out to SHG members and migrants to provide them a vast area of mass production and earning opportunities

    Producers Groups help the NGO achieve more than they could individually and help in collective production and marketing for their produces fetching premium price

  • Skill Training

    As Swabalamba Odisha is based on garment production, the producer groups are given fundamental training on the basics of cloth making.

    They are then given skill enhancement training on latest technologies and fabric industries to make them highly proficient and productive.

  • Employment

    Providing earning opportunities to these skilled workers is the main focus of Swabalamba Odisha.

    It is through earning what they deserve, only they can achieve confidence in their trade and profession.

  • Garment Production

    Our NGO deals with both quantity and quality when it comes to providing one of the basic needs of the people of Odisha i.e. cloth.

    We produce the best quality garment for both Government and Private agencies including retailors at affordable prices.

  • Streamlining Of Sales

    All these procedures needs a passage to go smooth and efficiently. And our NGO make sure of that passage.

    From forming producer groups to providing skill enhancement training, from securing raw fabric materials to producing best quality garments, each and every aspect including sales are done very efficiently.

  • Higher Income & Profits

    As Swabalamba Odisha is a non-profitable NGO, the best interest of this organization is to provide the producer group with higher income and benefits.